AIV 5700 GALLERY - August/September Artist CHERYL TOWNSEND


5700 Gallery is currently featuring the photography work of local Akron artist/poet Cheryl Townsend. Her subject matter often encompasses seductive nudes, stark landscapes and vivid colors in nature. Townsend is an avid gardener and preserves her labor in her artwork. All works featured in the exhibit at 5700 were locally grown, printed, matted and framed by the artist.

The exhibit is on view until September.

"Late Snow"

CHERYL TOWNSEND "in her own words"~>

"I am a poet, avid photographer and the onetime publisher/editor of Impetus Magazine, which I published through Implosion Press. Implosion Press now proudly publishes epitome magazine, a regional magazine that celebrates the arts. minds and ambitions of women in NE Ohio. I am the cofounder of the Womens Art Recognition Movement (W.A.R.M.), based in the North Water Street Gallery in Kent, OH and used to be the owner of Cat's Impetuous Books, also in Kent, where I specialized in small press books and held regular poetry readings, art exhibits and live musical performances. I don't like living in the past, but.. Hell, that's where the fun was.
In 2004, I played Jesus in the indie film Jesus & Her Gospel of Yes, produced & directed with Alfred Eaker which should soon be available on DVD."


Townsend on her work~>

" In my photography, I seek overlooked angles and textured forms, vibrant displays of discarded beauty and grains. Looking for the tree in the forest, I focus further on the patterns in the bark. My vision is everyday objects abstracted via detailed selection. I seek blatant colors juxtaposed with decay to project the beauty in its passing. In the human form, I try to show the sensuality in non sexual captures, to play on shadows and the bends of flesh. I always shoot with a zoom lens, leaving the picture to find me, rather than I to find the picture. I hope to prove that art can be found anywhere if one would just take a moment to look."

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