This month at Art In the Village, I have curated an excellent exhibit of local artists in a group exhibit chosen from my personal art collection. I find collecting local art a personally rewarding investment on the small scale and this is my example of how one not very wealthy volunteer coordinator can collect some great stuff by personal relationships with the artists, art auctions for charity or great bargins from studio visits or artwalks. On display at AIV would be several pieces I am very proud to have in my own home for personal enjoyment as well and it sure makes the house look swell too. The artists featured in the small group exhibit would be Craig Lucas, Scott Radke, Michael Loderstadt, Laila Voss, Bruce Edwards, Derek Hess, Dexter Davis, Greg Alberti, Maria Garcia Blume, Kyle Stone, Blythe Pavone and this gem above from Michael Wartgow. The exhibit is up thru the month of September.

5700 Broadway in Slavic Village
Free Parking & Open to the Public
Monday ~ Friday from 9am - 5 pm