Bridget McGinty


Exhibit on Display thru MAY 1, 2006

APRIL AIV Featured Artist – Bridget McGinty

This month AIV@5700 features local artist and chef Bridget McGinty. Her paintings are usually seen adorning her trendy cafĂ© TASTEBUDS, but this month they travel to the walls in Slavic Village for a solo exhibit of her recent works. McGinty’s paintings are comparable to the food she lavishly prepares, both flavorful and colorful in presentation and preparation. Her abstract works feature bright colors and forms energetically interwoven on canvas bursting with movement and expression. Many of McGinty's pieces include the landscape of Cleveland, figures, gestures and faces within abstracted shapes and colorful use of bright hues and thick strokes of acrylic paint.
McGinty was born and raised on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio. She attended Erieview Catholic High School, moved to Tremont in 1989 and was greatly influenced by the culture and the creative class who resided in the neighborhood. She has worked in several fine dining establishments until 2001 when she opened TASTEBUDS, her own space in Chinatown. When asked about her work, the artist states; “ I have an insatiable love for flavor and color, I consider my paintings very personal expressions of my feelings I am unable to contain.”

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