AIV 5700 Gallery - October/November Art Exhibit =SELECTED WORKS from THE MIX

For the months of October - November, 5700 Gallery
will be exhibiting the works from two sessions of Patsy Kline's

This summer and fall, local curator Patsy Kline assembled
several artists to meet and make work while together at
the Tremont Art Walk or the Oberlin Art Museum for several
hours ( Tremont was a 48 hour event ) outside of her mobile
art gallery, Gallery U-HAUL. As a participant, I created works
along with Tim Russo, Chris Foldi and Matt Nisius.

Many of the works created at the event were performance,
installation or spoken word/ poetry. Very few items could
be hung on a gallery wall but with the help of some framing
and co-laboration, the exhibit up at 5700 demonstrates the
ability to create anyway, anywhere with anyone !

The show is on exhibit until November 30th, 2007




Our next exhibit @ 5700 Gallery will host a holiday show
from the members of local collective Cleveland Artspace

The exhibit will be on display from December 2007 - January 2008
with an opening reception to be determined....

Founded in 1998, ArtSpace-Cleveland is dedicated to developing and sustaining affordable living and workspace in a community setting. The members are local artists who are working to create a presence in the downtown Cleveland community with creative involvement and exposure.

If you are a member and would like to participate, please email me

If you would like to be included in the show, please go to the
website and become a member - what organization in Cleveland
works to get you wall space to show where the public can see your art ?

Artspace Cleveland

Members only show !